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AFFTA creates and maintains industry standards to help manufacturers comply with tolerances, and to help retailers provide customers with well matched equipment and components. AFFTA Reel Foot Standard Conforming reels will fit any seat manufactured to the reel foot standard. Download PDF Standard Line Weights. Da qui viene il peso di caricamento ottimale su cui è stata tarata la canna, che non corrisponde al peso AFTMA che si riferisce ai soli primi trenta piedi della coda. Sostituendo il pesante belly della DT con la sottile running line di una coda WF dello stesso peso AFTMA, su questa distanza di lancio il peso reale è decisamente minore.

AFTMA stands for the American Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association. Just in case you were wondering. The AFTM is a scale of line weights. The heavier the line, the greater the AFTM number. The manufacturers weigh the first 10 yards excluding the level tip and rate the line. A FFTA Approved Fl y Line Wei g ht Specification s TAPERS TAPERS LINE LOW TARGE T HIGH LINE LOW TARGE T HIGH WEIGHT WEIGHT IN GRAINS WEIGHT WEIGHT IN GRAMS 1 5 4 6 0 6 6 1 3.50 3.90 4.30 2 7 4 8 0 8 6 2 4.80 5.20 5.60 3 9 4 100 106 3 6.10 6.50 6.90.

aftma dt wf 1 -- -- 2 -- -- 3 ifi ifg 4 hfh hfg 5 heh heg 6 hdh hdg 7 hch hcf Silk Fly Line - AFTMA conversion chart - Bamboo Fly Rod Collectors Forum Bamboo Fly Rod Collectors Forum. There is no way that a 5 line can carry a decent salmon fly and a rod of 12 feet rated for 5 line would be very soft indeed so I had serious doubts about the credibility of the claim. On examining the line I commented that it looked more like a 8 and the designer responded without blushing and said that it was his design of size 5 line! Le code di topo o se preferite in inglese fly line costituiscono il "cuore" del sistema di lancio della pesca a mosca, è tramite il loro peso che si riesce a proiettare il finale e l'artificiale verso il pesce ed è sempre tramite di loro che si controlla il drifting o il movimento dell'artificiale e si recupera il. AFTM Fly Line Scale. Weigh In with Fly Lines. I have a lot of fly lines, some brand new, that I have acquired over the years and I would like to make use of them. Is there a method I could use to identify their AFTM number, so that they can be matched up to the correct rod? Phil Sawford.

  1. Usually rod manufacturers marks the rods casting a DT fly line longer than 45 feet. Changing from the heavy belly of a DT line to the thin running line of a WF line of the same AFTMA weight, at this casting distance the real weight is definitely less. So, using a line with a shorter head, to obtain the same load you'll need a higher AFTMA number.
  2. È stata la AFTMA American Fly Tackle Manufacturers Association - associazione americana dei fornitori attrezzatura da pesca che ha stabilito che la numerazione delle code consistesse nel peso, in grani, dei primi 30' 914,4 cm di coda, numerando così le code dal 1 in avanti.
  3. Understanding the AFTMA standard. RIO Products. Share This short video breaks down and simplifies the fly fishing industry fly line standard, known as the "AFTMA standard". This is a very informative film for anglers that want to delve a little deeper in to the subtleties of how a fly line loads a rod.
  4. 25/11/2004 · AFTMA Fly Line Weights - posted in Reference Material & Information: Below is a chart showing AFTMA line weights in grains. The '/-' column is the AFTMA's fudge-factor for manufacturers.For reference 1 ounce = 437.5 grains; 1 gram = 15.431 grains; 1 ounce = 28.4 grams.30' of fly line.

Fly Lines for Spey casting and two handed rods. History since 1962 Fly lines used with double handed rods since the turn of the twentieth century were mostly double tapered. After 1962 they were made to AFTMA standard weights based on the mass of the first 30 ft of line excluding any parallel tip portion. Non affrontare la primavera senza Fly Line, disporrai del meglio della cultura, quindi di artificiali sicuri e del piacere di conoscere i piccoli e grandi segreti del nostro affascinante campo di battaglia: il fiume. Airflo Fly Lines. From an original idea back in 1982, Airflo are the industry’s leading manufacturer of speciality fly lines. Innovation is the key at Airflo; developments such as RIDGE Technology, density compensation, low stretch power core and unrivalled welded loops are all Airflo innovations and really set our fly lines apart. This short video breaks down and simplifies the fly fishing industry fly line standard, known as the "AFTMA standard". This is a very informative film.

Grani: piccola misura di peso pari a 0.0648 grammi. Code: vengono identificate da un numero in funzione del peso. Esiste una convenzione, detta AFTMA Fly Line Standard, che stabilisce questi pesi. Il peso è per definizione quello degli: ultimi nove metri del corpo della coda, escludendo la parte conica iniziale. Silk fly lines are also denser, so for a given line thickness diameter they weigh more. Or put another way, for a given weight, they are thinner. For example see photo below a 3 weight plastic fly line will be “fatter” than a 3 weight silk fly line, but they’ll both weigh the same amount. Fenwick Fly Fishing Rod FF80 2 Piece 8' 4oz AFTMA Fly Line No. 7-8 w Metal Tube You are bidding on a previously owned and in good working condition Fenwick Fly Fishing Rod. This auction is for the two piece rod you see pictured with soft cloth pouch case along. Visita eBay per trovare una vasta selezione di flyline dt5. Scopri le migliori offerte, subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza.

09/02/2017 · Il Fly Line Analyzer è preciso e di una praticità incredibile,. a 0.01 g, la contollo ogni volta con dei pesi di riferimento ed è molto precisa, poi mi sono trascritto i range di peso AFTMA ed ho poi ricavato anche i range di peso delle code sotto la 1 AFTMA e la pesatura e la determinazione è abbastanza semplice. I am certain that 2-handed rods were not considered when the AFTMA Fly Line Standards were adopted in 1962. Through the years, there have been several feeble attempts to modify the AFTMA Standards to allow for aerialising more than the 30 feet measured length on which the Standards are based.

Code di topo. La coda di topo procura il peso necessario per caricare la canna mentre lanciamo. I numeri AFTM descrivono il peso della coda di topo, calcolata in grani sui primi 9,1 m 30 piedi di coda e vengono descritti sulla canna dasempre seguito da un numero. AFTMA is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of. but rather a rodbuilder uses AFTMA line standards to recommend what line should be used for. we do see that the difference between a builder's 8- and 9-weight fly rod is commonly less than.07 ounce, or 30 grains in AFTMA parlance, which as you indicate. Home Made Fly Line How to build your clear intermediate fly line!!! by Tullio Niccoli I was thinking about it from some time. I had confirmations that fishing in slow flowing water the larger bass take flies better using a clear intermediate fly line and a slow retrieve. Fly fishing tackle comprises the fishing tackle or equipment typically used by fly anglers. Fly fishing tackle includes: Fly rods - a specialized type of fishing rod designed to cast fly line and artificial flies; Fly reels - a specialized type of fishing reel designed to hold fly line and supply drag if. COMUNICATO POZZOLINI FLY FISHING by A.Pozzolini Per evitare ogni possibile aquivoco, la POZZOLINI FLY FISHING by A.Pozzolini comunica che nessun articolo messo in offerta sulle pagine di Fly Line, è di sua produzione e che, pertanto, nessuna assistenza e/o garanzia verrà prestata agli eventuali acquirenti.

Classifica riportante le migliori marche di Scientific anglers fly line. Con il tempo, hai scoperto che in fase di scelta di un Scientific anglers fly line, le valutazioni, recensioni ed opinioni altrui sono il miglior modo per scoprire se quell’articolo fa davvero al caso tuo. I cookie che utilizziamo nel presente Sito sono utilizzati per far funzionare più efficientemente la tua navigazione e migliorare la tua esperienza on line. B. Quali cookie sono utilizzati in questo Sito? All'interno del nostro Sito utilizziamo due tipi distinti di cookie: tecnici e di profilazione. 1. Choosing a fly line can be a very complicated affair, and it can dictate whether or not your fly fishing outfit is balanced correctly. It is also critical to the performance of your outfit for its required application. The following information is only intended as a basic guide. 17/01/2012 · Certainly, this system can be no older nor pre-date the 1961 adoption by the AFTMA of the fly line numbering designations replacing the older lettering system. To that, I've perhaps confounded things by adding WF and DT configurations of my own to the weight system in order to differentiate between these lines in addition to the line's weight rating.

AFFTA approved spey line weight standards Shooting Heads Short Bellys Medium Bellys Long Bellys Line style H S M L Head length 30'-50' 50'-60' 60'-70' 70' plus.

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